• Twelve Things I Have Learned About Being a Stepmom

    Let’s be real, stepfamily situations can blow at times. However, despite their challenges, stepfamilies seem to be the new black. Thirteen hundred new stepfamilies are formed each day according to the US Census (this info is from the 1990’s but it’s hard to find current stats). In embracing the times, we need to embrace stepfamilies.

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  • New Beginings

    I think I was scared to have a baby. I was scared of all of the things I would not be able to do. Like travel. Each day I realize more and more that this is simply a new beginning. She is leading me to a more fulfilling, more intentional life because I want that for

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  • Holding Space for your Baby

    Do you ever wonder why so many yoga classes, or studios, have similar content but certain teachers and places leave you feeling better than others? This could apply to anything, actually. I believe this difference has something to do with holding intentional space. People hold space all the time but are typically unaware or unmindful

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