• Manage your Scoliosis with Bikram Yoga

    I used to dislike Bikram yoga but then scoliosis became a problem for me. Learning to listen to your body’s cues is essential for a strong yoga practice beyond your 20’s. I have been to a handful of Bikram classes that did not know how to teach this fundamental piece. However, as I have grown

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  • Scoliosis, Yoga, and Your Heels

    Yoga is a practice in mindfulness. That mindfulness needs to increase when you practice yoga with scoliosis. A recent special little something I added to my bag of yoga tricks is pressing through my heel. Simple, yes, but this little tidbit of engaging my heel has increased my awareness, and control, of muscles contributing to

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  • Savasana with Scoliosis

    I used to be one of those people who could sink into Savasana in a matter of moments. It was one of the juiciest poses out there for me. However, my mild scoliosis progressed over the last couple of years, probably because my life became more sedentary and stressful. Now, Savasana is the pose that

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