Holding Space for your Baby

Do you ever wonder why so many yoga classes, or studios, have similar content but certain teachers and places leave you feeling better than others? This could apply to anything, actually. I believe this difference has something to do with holding intentional space. People hold space all the time but are typically unaware or unmindful of what they are actually holding onto and thus, creating. Once teachers, business owners, etc. become mindful and intentional of the space that they are creating shift happens all around them. This is intentional space.

Today I practiced meditating with my month old baby girl, Lily. I found that meditating with her was more about holding space (particularly when she was slightly fussy) than it was about guided meditations, grounding, etc. This intentional space I experienced throughout my meditation ultimately calmed her (this time anyway) and reminded me of the importance of this practice. During the meditation, I experienced a larger energetic field than my typical aura which is normally rather close to my body. Lily was a part of my aura now, which makes sense given that she has only been out of my body for a month. I would describe my space as centered, calm, strong and enduring. The longer I held my space through her fussiness the stronger my space felt and the calmer she became. I simply practiced being in or holding, this space for as long as I could, which was probably 5-10 minutes.

I believe the more I practice holding space for her the calmer we both will be and the better I will become at holding this space when I’m not meditating. I would like to continue to create a similar space but add compassion and love to my list of calm, centered, strong and enduring.


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