Backpacking the Thorofare: Yellowstone, 8 days, 75 miles

Reminicising about the Thorofare and the power/importance of land left wild. I feel blessed to have been able to backpack into this remote wilderness while grizzlies may have been at their height in my lifetime. For those of you who don’t know, Grizzlies have been delisted from the Endangered Species Act after 40 years of protection and trophy hunts have begun, especially in Wyoming. Montana chose not to hunt this year. Idaho is allowed one tag, Wyoming 23. It is a sad time for tribes and conservationists alike. These animals are slow to reproduce; every 3 years with an average of two cubs where both do not survive. Their population has grown by a few hundred under the last 40 years of protection. Anyone interested in seeing what land looks/feels like when Grizzlies are given space to live check out the Thorofare!