South Africa Landscapes

South Africa is probably one of my favorites as far as places I’ve been to. Mexico is top on that list as well. The South African landscape is absolutely breath-taking. It was nothing like what I had imagined, or like anywhere I had been before. Everything is BIG, and full of warm, dramatic color; the ocean, the mountains, the flowers. It is super rugged, yet inviting. Remote, but not. There was a duality for me about the place. The ocean feels different down there, bigger somehow, and the wind is relentless, ultimately preserving the wildness of the place. And even though there are no lions or elephants where I went, it is wild. You just feel it. I felt free. I really hope to spend more time there.

These photos are from 2016. Many of them were just a short walk from where I was staying in Cape Town.  

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