This blog follows my journey as I move toward my love of photography and my long time journey as a yogini. I am tremendously grateful to pursue passions that feed me. Eventually I will add my writing projects to this site as well.

First Yoga. My relationship with yoga began just over twenty years ago. I was 15 or so and took a stretching class as a balance to my competitive tennis practice. I remember liking it. I think that is the start of a person’s relationship with anything, an acknowledgement that you like it. Obviously I had a lot to learn, because as any yogi or yogini knows, stretching is not yoga ;).

Just as a person’s relationship with anything, there is an ebb and flow, there are distractions, frustrations, learning curves, love, depth, growth and richness that filter into your life in ways you had never imagined. This is yoga for me. Yoga has been a piece of my life that has shaped me, internally and externally.

My current relationship to yoga focuses on the multitude of complexities that come with having scoliosis, which include kinesiology and subtle body alignments affecting the entire system, as well as my long and enduring practice with energetic work surrounding the chakras and meditation. I am currently taking a 7-month course with Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body Western Mind (as well as many other books). It’s called Charge Activation Training. It’s sort of like a scientific version of Qigong for the chakras (whatever that means) and I’m loving it.

Photography. Photography is a love that I have only recently began taking seriously and thus seeking growth within it. The more I learn, the more I love it. I have my M.A. in Cultural Anthropology so I love perspective. At one point I was fluent in Spanish and just that peek into the reflection between language and perspective made a huge impact on me. There are so many ways to see the world. The more I learn about photography the more I am reignited by this fascination.

I currently have an awesome mentor, Tony Rizzuto, who is helping me to find my own perspective, which is interesting to me because I have typically focused on the perspectives of others. Photography, like any art form I would imagine, is a personal journey that continues to bring me into a deeper awareness of myself. Photography is my mirror right now, not my images, but the process. One day, I would imagine I will see a mirror in my images as well.

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